Message of the principalProf. Dr. Md. Zohirul Islam

Diabetic Association Medical College, Faridpur stand as an icon in undergraduate medical education of the non-government sector in Bangladesh. Faridpur Diabetic Association established this medical college in 2009. Faridpur Diabetic Association got the affiliation of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh in 1985 and obtained the full membership of International Diabetic Federation in 2009. Diabetic Association Medical College Hospital is one of the best Centre for teaching and managing the patient. The mission of our college is to create medical expertise who are willing to serve the communities. Teachers are fully committed to produce best doctors who can fulfill the hopes and aspirations of people of Bangladesh. I am delighted to welcome the candidates seeking admission into Diabetic Association Medical College, Faridpur.

In this college, the students are highly valued and the academic activities are well organized. In addition to the academic program, faculty members are available to the students to assist, support, counsel and give guidance to solve their problems. Sincere efforts are made to attract the students to their places of learning and modern teaching methods are extensively used by the teachers for imparting lessons. Students are also encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports and cultural events.

Diabetic Association Medical College Hospital is an advanced tertiary health care centre and provides excellent quality of care to patients at an affordable cost. The campus has adequate specialty departments for students teaching.

Diabetic Association Medical College, Faridpur has a well-furnished library with rich collection of text books, reference books, monographs, national and International journals in different subjects and provides up to date information to teachers and students. The library has internet connection for online literature searching as well as a website containing information about the college. The faculty members are constantly seeking newer methods of teaching and putting their best efforts so that learning processes are facilitated.

The guardian’s representatives have an opportunity to exchange their views with the managements of the college for overall improvement of it. Yearly three meetings used to be conducted with guardians of the students to inform them about results of different internal examinations.

May almighty Allah bless us and grant our efforts.


(Prof. Dr. Md. Zohirul Islam Miah)


Diabetic Association Medical College,

Faridpur, Bangladesh.


  1. Professor Dr. S. M. SerajulArefin                 :           01.12.2009 – 23.04.2010
  2. Professor Dr. Md. Zohirul Islam Miah           :           Since 24.04.2010